Encourage talents to shine through nurturing and giving individual attention virtually.

Launch an online coaching and mentoring platform that allows worldwide customers or employees of organizations to build resilience and find a sense of purpose.

Provide coaching to clients

Coaching organizations or personal coaches and mentors can
easily do 1-1 video consultations with customers worldwide
through your own customized video consultation app. With Expert
Republic Enterprise, you can conduct end to end training with
your customers which include video calls, realtime chat, and
sharing materials.

Obtain coaching for your employees

Launch your own customized mentoring app with your own brand
elements, to allow the employees of your organization to have
1-1 video consultations with internal and external mentors. This
helps to understand the pain points of the mentee and help them
turn their everyday experiences into opportunities for growth.

Motivate remote individuals

Create diverse types of services to helps your clients’ cope and
adapt through times of change. Allow your clients’ to browse
through your services and easily book an appointment. Conduct
your mentoring sessions without any friction and get paid 100%
of the revenue from your consultations. (Standard transaction
charges apply)

All in one app

Help each individual meet long-term goals and address short-term
challenges, and everything else in between from anywhere at any
time. Easily manage your services, customer payments, and help
your clients thrive like never before through 1-1 video
consultations. Manage and view analytics for decision-making
through the admin dashboard.

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