HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine App for your hospital

Launch a telemedicine solution that allows doctors in your hospital to deliver quality virtual care to patients seamlessly

Take the consultations much
closer to the patients

Launch your own customized consultations app with your own
brand elements for your hospital, to allow the doctors to have 1-1 video consultations with their patients. Patients can schedule appointments based on the doctor’s availability for a remote consulting session.

Enhanced access to specialists

Hospitals, counsellors, healthcare startups, and clinics can deliver their healthcare services through our one-stop telehealth solution to their patients. The hospitals can easily manage their doctors, payments, and doctors’ schedules through the app and admin dashboard.

Treat thousands of people
worldwide during the pandemic

Reduce the potential of exposure to germs and contagious
diseases during the battle of the pandemic. Make it much
convenient for patients to meet the doctors without having to
wait in queues. Patients from both rural and urban areas can
save time and obtain faster health care services through our customized online video consultations solution.

Robust and Scalable healthcare solution

All information shared and stored within the system is fully encrypted as per HIPAA requirements. Doctors can chat, share prescriptions, and provide a much more personalized experience and improve patient outcomes.

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